• Multilizer
  • 軟體版本 : 6.2.12
  • 軟體分類 : 35研發工具 (中文化工具)
  • 語言介面 : 英文
  • 作業系統 : Windows(10以下)
  • 軟體性質 : 共享軟體
  • 使用限制 : 三十天試用
  • 建議售價 : US:2485
  • 檔案大小 : 12.20 MB
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Multilizer 是個多國語言軟體開發工具,同時也可用來作本地化語系的開發,它支援 Visual C++、Borland Delphi 1-6、Microsoft .NET、Visual Basic 4.0-6.0 的程式資源,尤其相當方便於用來抓取並翻譯 Delphi 的 RCData 字串資源。

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注意:此程式之下載連結軟體公司之下載頁面,您必須填完試用表單資料後,軟體公司會將軟體下載位址寄到您的郵件信箱! - One Globalization Technology for multiple platforms! MULTILIZER products localize Windows applications, Mobile and internet software and accompanying content, such as databases and XML. - The first Scalable Globalization Technology Solutions! MULTILIZER offers the user a possibility to localize practically all platforms and environments - what more the user can include these environments to the same project and enable automation through a multiuser translation memory. - Streamlined & Easy Globalization Workflow! MULTILIZER automates time-consuming and error-prone phases of localization and enables an efficient work-group model to share the work, re-use translations and monitor work-flow and a possibilty to continue with localization AND development side-by-side! - Unique Technical & Business Benefits! MULTILIZER helps to evaluate and cut costs drastically, shorten cycle times enabling simultaneous product releases for target markets and improving overall quality in localization projects. Supported formats: Software: • Visual C++ • Visual Basic 4.0-6.0 • Borland Delphi 1-6 • Borland C++Builder 1-6 • Microsoft .NET (C# projects, VB.NET project, ResX files) • Windows binaries (.exe, .dll) Content: • Databases (IBM DB2, MS SQL Server, Interbase, etc.) • File: XML, XHTML, INI-files, key files, text files


Tipard Video Enhancer 9.2.32

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Backup4all Portable 9.0.333 可攜式版


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